Ravi Vasavan is an artist and designer. Creating beautiful, unique and impactful art, brand and digital experiences for the new era.

Previously he worked at Koto, for six years, an “optimistic group of designers, strategists, and writers helping the world's best brands become even better.” They have offices in Berlin, London, and Los Angeles. (Ravi worked in the London one.) During his time there, he's had the pleasure of working with a mix of startups, established brands and artificial intelligence.

Born deaf to deaf parents, Ravi grew up in Australia immersed in deaf community, which has influenced his perspective and worldview. He knew two sign languages before English. You could say that Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is his ‘mother tongue’ — or perhaps ‘fingers’? (Semantics.)

Being visually oriented by nature, he was attracted to art and design early on, which led to his current career and practice. In his work, he is able to bring a Deaf perspective, particularly when it comes to (often hearing-oriented) accessibility, inclusivity and strategic thinking in art and design.

In 2020 he was part of the first cohort for the Google Rare Leadership Accelerator, a program for underrepresented future creative leaders who wish to fundamentally change the creative industries for the better. He gives talks on the intersection between deafness and design, and the importance of preserving your own unique perspective.

When not doing any of that, he spends his time making perfectly leoparded pizza dough, biking across the vast Australian landscape, or camping with his partner, Emma. Ravi collaborates with Deaf creatives on various Deaf-led initiatives and he is actively involved in many IRL and online communities, and serves as an admin for 100s Under 100, a group of 100s of creative people under 100 years of age.
Shows (Past & Upcoming)

.MPG @ The Motley Bauhaus, February 2023

DARE, January 2023
Speaking (Past & Upcoming)

WeTransfer, November 2021

Mozilla Festival, March 2021

Australian International Documentary Conference, February 2021

Unmasking Accessibility's Future with Ava.me, December 2020

World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, December 2020

Farewill, August 2020

‘Ravi & Emma’ @
Australian International Documentary Conference (March 2022), SXSW (March 2022), IDFA (November 2021), Mozilla Festival (March 2021) and Australian International Documentary Conference  (February 2021)

‘Ravi & Emma’ @
26th Annual Webby Awards Honoree, SXSW Innovation Awards Finalist, Walkleys Innovation Award and IDFA Special Jury Award for Creative Technology

Indeed Design, May 2021

Dense Discovery 127, Mar 2021

Give both ways, Dec 2020

Creative Review, June 2020

Text Radio, May 2020

Earshot, March 2019
Ravi is currently open to projects starting from June 2023. If you’re interested in collaborating or simply want to get in touch, get in touch ︎︎︎ ravi@ravivasavan.com

Ravi lives and works on on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri/Woiwurrung people of the Kulin Nation.

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